Oil & Gas Companies Face Many Challenges

A key to navigating volatile markets, increased demand for energy, and an aging workforce - among other challenges - is to find an informed perspective that can help you quickly respond and position your company for the future! ESI can help!

Energy Sector

We Have Helped Oil & Gas Companies Just Like you!

ESI has helped clients across all sectors of the energy industry improve efficiency and project success through delivery of training modalities and curricula. In fact, the five largest international oil & gas companies trust ESI, so you can too!

ESI can help you gain strong business impact from oil & gas project management training.

Assisting Organizations To Resolve Their Project Challenges

Hurdles within your project culture, process, or skill sets require a unique solution to best propel your teams and your business forward. Let ESI’s three decades of expertise, thousands of client engagements, and proven best practice solutions move you down the path to greater certainty.

Project Hurdles

From Project Culture to Competencies

ESI takes a comprehensive approach to assessing your project environment and the obstacles and opportunities that you face. We work alongside your teams to understand your business and program goals; assess your people, processes, and project culture; identify best practice and customized curriculum; blend learning modalities; and validate progress and calculate ROI and business impact.

“A few years ago, troubled projects would often find their way directly to the division president’s desk. With a solid project management structure in place, fewer escalations are needed.”  Martia Newell, VP of the NAS Implementation PMO, ADP

New Government Catalog

Leaders interested in professional development and organizational improvement can use our new catalog to help prioritize this years’ training initiatives; from basic certification needs to advanced problem solving. Click View Details button below to contact one of our expert advisors for further assistance in identifying and prioritizing your organization’s training needs or for copies of the latest catalog.

Insight for Gov

Better Requirements Management in Government

Well-defined and managed requirements can spell the difference between success and failure whether you manage projects, programs or contracts. Yet many agencies continue to struggle with requirements.  Read the article to find out what you can do to achieve the results you want. 

Our insight focuses on the most crucial issues and opportunities of managing projects, contracts, requirements and vendors. Because they capture best practices and reflect the changing  environment, they can help government teams reduce waste and fulfill mission objectives.

ESI Resources at your Fingertips

Whether you're trying to assess the project organization, manage a multi-project environment, certify your project teams or other project-focused initiatives, ESI's PMO Resource Room has tools & templates, research, courses and services all aggregated, by topic, to help you get started.

For PMOs

Need a Tool or a Template to Help you Solve an Immediate Need?

ESI has taken the project-focused tools & templates out of our courses and have them available on our web site for the PMO to use today! Check out our PMO Resource Room to see how it can help you now and into the future!

Looking for tools & templates to use on the job? Want to read enlightening research? Interested in PMO-focused courses or services? Dive into our PMO Resource Room today!

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About Us

We are a global, project-focused training company, helping people around the world improve the way they manage projects, contracts, requirements and vendors.

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