Our Advantages

Advantages of Our Project Management Methodology

The benefits of ESI as a proven partner.

Companies today demand reassurance that their partners are credible, committed to exceeding expectations, and able to adapt and scale to the changing needs of the marketplace. For the past three decades, ESI has invested in developing a vast library of quality project management curricula, a best-in-class instructor pool, and a global infrastructure to deliver and support enterprise-wide learning programs for corporate project management solutions. 

Project Management Methodology and Resources:

  • ESI’s Impact Model provides a framework for proven success
  • Account teams that understand your business and your issues
  • Instructional Design teams versed in adult learning theory
  • Digital learning experts
  • Marketing resources to help you promote your programs internally
  • The largest Product Strategy and Development Department in the industry

Delivery of Content 


  • More than 800 instructors, consultants, and industry experts on our bench, around the world
  • Our clients and students tells us we have the best and most experienced instructors in the business
  • Practical experience in a broad range of industries


  • Al tiers of content - Foundational, Advanced and Specialized project management solutions
  • Content authored and maintained in a unified CMS platform
  • Wholly owned content inclusive of 200+ courses; translated into 14 languages
  • A wide array of benchmarking assessments for individuals, teams, projects, and programs
  • Strategies to avoid “predictive failure points” for program success
  • Research-based, market-proven content
  • Professional consulting services to support our curriculum


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About Us

We are a global, project-focused training company, helping people around the world improve the way they manage projects, contracts, requirements and vendors.

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