Learning Validation

You need proof! If someone tells you that professional training is helping you execute projects you’re going to ask that person to prove it! ESI offers tools to assist you in validating the effectiveness of learning and its impact to project success.

Through learning validation studies, ESI helps organizations:

  • Validate that learning is effective
  • Focus efforts on areas that require additional help
  • Identify successes and areas of opportunity
  • Provide ROI of training programs

Project Audits: Audit your projects to evaluate the impact learning has on “on the ground” performance.

  • Evaluate a current project for real time information
  • Track business metrics that are tied back to training
  • Identify opportunities for further skill development or learning reinforcement

Level III Assessments: Validate that your learning offerings are being translated into on-the-job behavior change

  • Measure how often employees use project management practices on the job
  • Gage usefulness of training and how training is applied

Metrics that Matter (MTM): Customized views of ROI for your organization

  • Get immediate impressions of learning to gauge anticipated usefulness
  • Gather feedback to understand how learning was applied on the job
  • Determine the financial impact of learning events to employee productivity/output

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We are a global, project-focused training company, helping people around the world improve the way they manage projects, contracts, requirements and vendors.

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